Paige Lee - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Connor Powell - Lead Guitar

Jackson Check-Davis  - Drums

Matt Spears - Bass Guitar


Welcome to our site. This is Paige here, I founded Ten Gram Tang in 2018. We live in Nashville as a band and we're currently releasing singles off our debut album out March 2021.


I met Connor slingin’ espressos in Lowell, MA, where I grew up. I was inspired by his obvious guitar shredding capabilities but even more so his deep passion for 60's/70's iconic rock bands. Together we spent a many freezing nights in unfinished garages writing songs. Then I found Jackson and convinced him to freeze with us. Together we recorded our debut self titled album: Ten Gram Tang at Red 13 Studios in Framingham, MA. 


Finally in September 2020, we said see you later to our hometowns and set off for our next chapter in Music City. We're happy to say we no longer spend our nights in cold garages, and we found our new bass player Matt Spears! He's a Nashville native and drives a sweet Mustang he's the perfect addition to our crew.

We hope you hear the blues, rock and soul in our music. But, we’re really not any of one of these things. We’re more than that. The collaboration of our unique musical personalities is ultimately what makes Ten Gram Tang so special. Listen to our music and let us know what you think. Follow us as we release our debut album out March 16, 2021!